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Hey, we’re betty! And we talk…


We are betty education, formerly betty for schools.

We’re back in action with a new site, a new name and some really exciting things coming to you this year. Make sure your school is registered to the new site so you don’t miss out!

Our mission is still to support a generation of girls and boys through puberty, periods and now, also with SO MUCH MORE.

We’ve worked with young people and education experts to develop award winning curriculum-linked lessons for 8-12 year olds that encourage open, respectful and honest conversations about everything to do with periods, puberty and all that goes along with it.

Our PSHE Association accredited resources are film-led, with a mix of animations, quizzes and interactive activities, making it easy for teachers to deliver our sessions in the classroom, or virtually, with confidence.


Rated 5/5 by 12,000 Students

hundrED ‘one of the most inspiring education innovations’

Saku Tuominen, CEO of HundrED, said: “Spreading innovations such as betty for schools across borders can be a game-changer for education, worldwide. We will continue to encourage as many stakeholders as possible including schools, educators, administrators, students and organisations to get involved so that we can work towards a positive future.”

 PSHE Association – Quality Assured Resource 

PSHE Association Subject Specialist Claire Keech says: “The interactive lesson content will appeal to young people, whilst supporting teachers in delivering the subject. This resource has been awarded the PSHE Association Quality Mark as it will make an effective contribution to a planned PSHE curriculum, whilst supporting pupils’ wider learning about growing up, relationships and managing emotions.”

TES Partner – Encouraging open and honest talk about periods

Tes and betty for schools have joined forces to explore the most effective ways to approach teaching period education. Expert teachers offer their advice on how to get the conversation started in your school, creative ways to put your class – and yourself – at ease, and how to dispel the myths and stigma around periods.

Our award winning resources have been shared with over 500,000 pupils.

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