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Delivering a betty lesson about periods couldn’t be simpler – just download the teacher notes (so you know what’s what), send out the parent letter using our template, then load up our PSHE Association accredited lesson on to your interactive whiteboard – it can be run in one or two sessions and tailored to the the needs of your students.

Periods – what are they anyway?

This session covers the basics of the cycle, why we all need to know about them (boys too!), and how periods will affect girls both physically and emotionally. You will meet Esther, Connah and Allison who will take you through the section, which includes animations, interactive activities and quizzes. Enjoy!”

Ok, periods are inevitable, so how do we make the best of them?

Esther, Connah, and Allison will explore how to deal with periods – investigating the role of pads and tampons, being supportive of your friends and exploring other cultures around the world, where periods are a cause for celebration!

Double whammy

Got more time on your hands to do both parts at once? Great news! Let Esther, Connah and Allison guide your class through both parts of our betty lesson about periods, finding out the basics of having a period and how to deal with the emotional and physical rollercoaster that usually comes with them.


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